Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Philippines ~ Monaco 1999

Visit to the Philippines
by HSH Prince Albert of Monaco
hosted by President Joseph Estrada
November 1999

Prince Albert troops the line during military honours welcoming him in Manila
accompanying him is Air Force Vice Commander Major General Rodolfo Vinluan

Foreign Sec Domingo Siazon welcomes 
Prince Albert on his arrival in Manila

Foreign Sec Domingo Siazon welcomes 
Prince Albert on his arrival in Manila

Prince Albert pays a courtesy call on Pres Joseph Estrada
Malacañang Palace

Prince Albert pays a courtesy call on Pres Joseph Estrada

Malacañang Palace

Prince Albert pays a courtesy call on Pres Joseph Estrada
Malacañang Palace

Prince Albert press conference in Manila

Prince Albert of Monaco drinks water from a fresh-cut vine 
during a demonstration in jungle survival at a camp in Subic Bay Freeport

Prince Albert of Monaco joins in a traditional warrior ritual dance 
with Aeta tribesmen of Pamulaklakan village, in the Subic Bay Freeport

His Serene Highness Albert 
Hereditary Prince of Monaco (his title in 1999)
 His Serene Highness Albert II
Sovereign Prince of Monaco
since 2005


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